Junior Development Classes


For all younger climbers, these groups will meet for weekly coaching sessions. This is a great, social way to enter the sport, learn skills and burn off some energy. Our committed coaches are experienced climbers who have come through similar programs themselves. Climbers are not expected to compete in events, but if they choose to, this is a good way to develop both physically and mentally. The sessions do not incorporate heavy training, like our competitive team programs do, as we really wish for children to enjoy the sport and have lots of fun!

  • Climbers have full-time memberships, meaning access to all facilities, all hours for the school term and following holidays (Jan/Feb excluded)

  • Parental assistance is welcomed, but not required

Preferences for class days will be based on the order of online form submissions, but we will try our best to fit in with family calendars!

Pocket Rock Its

$200 Per Term

Ages 6 - 9 Years Old

4pm – 5pm

4pm – 5pm

Junior Squad

$250 Per Term

Ages 9 - 12 Years Old

4pm – 5pm, 5pm – 6pm

4pm – 5pm


Senior Squad

$250 Per Term

Ages 12 - 18 years Old

6pm – 7pm

5pm – 6pm, 6pm – 7pm

Rock It Youth Training Team

$385 Per Term

Ages 12-18 years Old