Upcoming Events

Rock It is excited to be continually engaging with our community with various fun events such as parties, film nights, adult classes, and social and state level competitions. See what’s coming up next!


Tik Tok Bloc 2019

It's big, it's exciting and most importantly, it's back! Climbers from all walks of life are invited to Rock It on Sunday the 19th of May to come and get chalky on 50+ boulders that can only be described as beautiful.

$35 to have a crack at our very own knockout format*, bring your best climbing shoes and even better friends because we've got the bouldering, beta and bangers sorted!

Registration open now: https://app.rockgympro.com/b/widget/?a=offering&offering_guid=9fc58c0f9103452f83fa12c4c90d2ec9&random=5cad40f4e69d4&iframeid&mode=p&fbclid=IwAR2ed6LKadJhRXAVA1-W8ln8OTC4NpUUPqJjqYYaYIvKkS8XjvCx71a2SBY