We love all climbers – young in age or at heart, so why not trade that book club night or television for something a little spicier?

Bookings are advised for more than 10 climbers and we offer a range of packages that include use of our party/meeting room. Self-catering is offered.
Your entry fee includes safety instruction and harness.  Hire shoes are recommended but not compulsory. At the very least climbers are requested to wear tight-fitting runners.

You may also be interested in our classes and training especially if all of this is new to you and you’d like some more thorough tuition.

Rates are $17 for climbers 18yo or under. $20 for adult climbers. These rates include harnesses.

A booking is required to receive these rates.

Please fill in our online booking form where you can process everyone at once instead of completing individual applications.

Note: all first time visitors will need to fill out our waiver, either online or upon arrival.