About Us

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Who We Are

Founded by a team of local passionate climbers, our centre is a community driven business that first opened its doors in 2013.

Since then we have come a very long way.

We now offer three stories of climbable surfaces, catering to everyone from young children who have never climbed before to international competitors who call this place home.

For those just hanging out, we have a brand new cafe and lounge area boasting a pretty great cuppa, thanks to our friends at Zimmah coffee.

What We Do

We are proud to offer three separate activities, comprising of roped climbing, bouldering, and indoor caving inside our tunnel network.

  • Roped Climbing is exactly what it sounds like. In order for a climber to safely ascend the wall, they must be secured safely by either a belayer (person holding the ropes) or one of our nine automatic units. Anyone aged 12 years or older can learn to belay (controlling the rope to keep your climber safe) in a matter of minutes, however anyone can climb as long as they fit into a harness. We frequently have climbers as young as two years old participating.

  • Bouldering is a different style of climbing which involves climbing walls up to four meters high without the use of a rope. Instead, climbers fall and land on large safety mats. Instead of height and endurance being limiting factors, Bouldering creates and emphasis on more exciting movements -whilst still remaining very beginner friendly. Bouldering is a more entertaining option for those climbing on their own, or for groups who wish to hang out without spending time learning to use safety equipment. Our main bouldering area is restricted to climbers aged 16 years or over, unless express permission has been given by staff.

  • Our Tunnel System is a unique, indoor caving network boasting ten separate tunnel pathways. Designed for both adults and children, they all present different challenges. And yes, our staff have internal access to all sections should someone need a helping hand.

Facilities include:

  • A total of three floors of climbing, including 7-12m top ropes, 12m lead walls and bouldering.

  • A separate boulder wall just for kids with a few extra, exciting features

  • Nine automatic belays stations for kids and adults alike, meaning a belay partner isn’t always required

  • Ten twisty tunnels that make up our indoor caving activity

  • Two decked out birthday party rooms with tables, sinks, fridges, microwaves and a pie oven

  • A full training area with Beastmaker hangboards, campus board built to spec, 35 degree training wall that is absolutely chockers with holds and a pegboard

  • Training equipment such as a rowing machine, elliptacal, rings, paralettes, TRXs and plenty of space to properly use them

  • Bathrooms, changerooms and lockers

  • Bike racks

  • Places for supervising adults who aren’t climbing to chill out and enjoy a coffee

  • A fully stocked gear store with our partner business, Wall Toys